Google's Multisearch Feature Can Translate Search Results to Any Language


Google New Features to Translate News and Other Searches to Local Languages

First Published: September, 2023
Edited: March, 2024

Tech giant, Google, has announced features that will give users a fresh experience in communicating easily across online platforms. The feature will allow people to translate local news directly into different languages. It will also enable people to understand others' conversations in online forums and web discussion platforms.

Google multisearch feature permits translation to any language

In an announcement made last year by google, the company says that it will soon enable people to translate news directly using machine translation. "In early 2023, we'll launch a new feature that will give people a simple way to find translated news coverage using machine translation."

Google users had only been able to access search results about news and publications in their countries or their search engine's default preferred language. However, these new features will enable web users to source local news from other countries and other languages they could not access for the past years.

"You'll be able to read authoritative reporting from journalists in any country, giving you a unique perspective of what's happening there", google announced.

The above statement means that web users looking for international news will be able to understand local reporting directly from the journalists on the ground. This will enable news enthusiasts to have direct access to all local news around the world in its original version.

The second feature will help people to understand what others are saying in online forums, comments and walls. This feature will also give users access to find answers to their web searches from online forums across many languages.

"Starting today, a new feature will appear when you search for something that might benefit from the diverse personal experiences found in online discussions," the company said on Wednesday.

Business-Standard reports that some of the features have been launched in some countries like the US but will soon be available in other places once they are fully launched.

Google 'Multi Search Near Me' Feature
Meanwhile, "earlier this year, Google made the visual search even more natural with the introduction of multisearch, a major milestone in how users can search for information. With multisearch, web users can take a picture or use a screenshot and then add text to it similar to the way you might naturally point at something and ask a question about it," google also reported.

The multisearch enables the use of images and texts to search simultaneously. The Multisearch feature is already available in English globally. Google says it will as well be available in the coming months in over 70 languages.

The Multisearch feature would improve the ability of web users to search for answers and content from almost every online source including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more.

Other product updates include Google Maps. The tech giant earlier disclosed multi-search using text and images simultaneously. The feature is now available in English globally and will soon add 70 more languages in the coming months.

"At Google I/O, we previewed how we’re supercharging this capability with 'multisearch near me,' enabling you to snap a picture or take a screenshot of a dish or an item, then find it nearby instantly. This new way of searching will help you find and connect with local businesses, whether you’re looking to support your neighborhood shop, or just need something right now. 'Multisearch near me' will start rolling out in English in the U.S. later this fall," the company concluded.


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