21 Most Popular Web Crawlers and Search Engine Bots for Your SEO and Scraping Projects


Web crawlers also referred to as internet robots, spiderbots or bots are computer programs that automatically browse the world wide web to get information either for indexing, storage or data analysis.

There are different types of web crawlers including search engine bots and web scrapers.

  • Search engine bots are crawlers that help search engines identify and index content – improving search query accuracy. They are very crucial for search engine optimization (SEO), and the overall functioning of the world wide web.

These are the most popular search engine bots and web crawlers on the internet:

A. Search Engine Bots

1. Googlebot: How it works 


Googlebot also known as Google's web crawler, is an internet software that browses the web continuously to discover web pages from different servers and index the relevant ones for possible appearance on search results.

Googlebot is the boss of the internet as Google is the most used searched engine in the world handling over 3 billion to 6 billion queries each year. If your content misses out Googlebot, then you have already missed over 80% of the traffic that would have come to your site.

Just like other search engine bots, when Googlebot visits webpages, what it does is to analyze the robot.txt file to know the rules on which content to index or not. The bot then read the content and store the optimized copies in Google’s massive search engine index where internet users can access at any time.

The indexed pages are further analyzed by the Googlebot based on the content, links, and metadata to determine if such pages are relevance to a certain search query. It is through this complex algorithm process of data collection and information extraction that Googlebot is able to provide online visibility to web pages, making it easier for users to find a website when searching on Google.

Googlebot also checks for any changes made to a website over time by returning to the previously indexed pages and checking them against new versions. This ensures that changes or updates are reflected in the search engine results.

Googlebot is used to keep Google’s huge index of the web up to date. By doing so, it helps make sure that users get the information they need when they search the web.

How to Index Your Pages with Googlebot for SEO

To boost your business and website SEO through Googlebot, simply make use of Google webmaster tools like Google Search Console as the spider is automatically integrated to help quick indexing of your content.

2. Bingbot


Bingbot is another popular web crawling robot (web crawler) belonging to Microsoft. This bot began operation in 2010 to specifically handle Microsoft search tools just like Googlebot is to Google. Bingbot is one of the largest crawlers in the world only surpassed by the almighty Google crawler.

Data from Statistica shows that while Google has a commanding lead in the global search engine market, with a market share of 92.05% as of 2022. Bing, its closest competitor, has a market share of just 2.44%. This information has changed in 2023 following the rising of ChatGPT and other search alternatives.

Recent data shows that Bing has obtained more visitors as a result of the integration of ChatGPT across Microsoft browsers. In the new record, Google remains at the top with market share of 87% while Bing kicks up to over 6-10% search market share. Even so, Bing dominates most desktop searches and boasts of about 70-85% desktop searches in the US.

How to Use Bing for SEO and Indexing

Bing also offers Bing Webmaster Tools to enhance your content indexing across Microsoft and partners platforms. Login to Bing webmaster, verify your site and begin the SEO process.

Yahoobot, Baidu, Yandex, and DuckduckGo

These four web crawlers have worked tiredlessly with Googlebot and Bingbot to make the web search easy for everyone. Their total search market share goes in the order listed above. This means that the topmost search engine bots are Googlebot, Bingbot, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, and finally, DuckduckGo. Their combined market share is approximately 3-4% of total search queries.

3. Yahoobot 

Yahoobot is an autoresponder web crawler owned by the parent company, Yahoo. Yahoo is a top tech and media company based in the US and boast of billions of search queries each year. Yahoo has integrated several crawlers across its tools and software including web crawlers and mailbot.

4. Baidu formerly RankDex

Baidu is a Chinese search engine. The company offers other services like Baidu map, all thanks to its search bot. It is one of the top AI and tech companies in the world. So, if you need more traffic from China and nearby region, try to invite Baidu as well. The company's plan to integrate a conversational AI, Plato-XL across its platforms means Baidu is another thing to watch on the AI competitive market.

5. Yandex bot

Yandex is an internet bot owned by a Russian multinational company, Yandex. The company claims over 60% of all searches in Russia, allowing other bots to fight over the remaining 40%. Different browsers, including Phoenix had already offered Yandex as an alternative default search tool.

6. DuckduckGo

Not many people know about this amazing crawler. It is an internet privacy search crawler that offers mobile browser and desktop app search services. The company which runs the bot prevents it from saving user's information like cookies or personal data. This makes it one of the top crawlers, especially used by people who prioritize protecting their online privacy.

How to Submit Your Site on Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo, for Indexing

For Yandex, you can submit your site on Yandex webmaster tools page for indexing. However, most of the available crawlers automatically access website contents once such contents are available on top search engines or requested by the user. Ensure your SEO is good and ranking well on top search engines; they might equally appear across different platforms.

Do you find it difficult to rank your content high or get it them indexed by crawlers? Contact an SEO professional.

B. Web Scrapers and SEO Tools

While the above crawlers are primarily search engine spiders, the below bots are mostly web scrapers. Search crawlers mostly browse the internet to collect information ins respond to user queries while scrapers are for data collection.

7. ScraperAPI

This is the number one web scrapper we recommend for you. ScraperAPI users have the ability to access more than 50 millions of IPs around the world. Their servers are located in different countries, helping developers bypass geo-restrictions. You can even specify a specific country whose IP you could tap into.

The proxy rotation feature also helps to avoid bot detections as websites can detect when high requests come from the same IP address. Plus, it adapts to changing proxy IPs which replaces the old ones every 10 minutes.

Another advantage of using ScraperAPI is the effortless integration with various coding languages, such as Python, Java, and Ruby. They provide many examples, as well as tutorials making it easy to use.

All in all, ScraperAPI is an ideal solution for developers to scrape websites while also exploring accessibility features and support for web scraping tasks. Thanks to its features that make it possible to quickly access raw HTML with a single API request, web scrapers are made easier.

8. ZenRows Zenrows Scraper
ZenRows is the perfect solution for web scraping needs. Its unparalleled simplicity of use allows you to gather data from numerous websites without being stopped.

In addition, it has features like rotating proxies, headless browsers, and geotargeting to help you with your web crawling projects. You can even get started for free, with 1000 API credits to kickstart your project. After that, you can subscribe to their paid plans.

9. Apify
Apify web crawler
Apify is a popular platform for web scraping, automation and data extraction. It allows developers to build apps that automate web scraping, create search engine bots, and perform other web automation and data extraction tasks.

The best thing about Apify is that even non-developers can use it to gather data from websites, perform automatic content updates, and manage their online presence and website performance. With Apify, one can easily build sophisticated web automation apps in a minimum time frame.

The platform's user interface (UI), also makes it easy for users to create bots and scheduled tasks that will perform web automation tasks like data extraction, automation of complex form submissions, and data aggregation from multiple sources. Apify also offers powerful developer features such as webhooks and auto-retry.

With Apify's webhooks, users can trigger actions when a change occurs as part of its automation function. Apps can also run continuously even when a task fails, making it possible to handle intermittent problems and errors, a function known as "auto-retry". This and other functions make Apify popular tool for both developers and non-developers in their online processes.

10. Screaming Frog
Screaming frog web crawler
Screaming Frog is an automated SEO spider and website auditing tool that provides a detailed report of web pages it crawls. It is a software tool that identifies issues with URLs, redirects, page titles, meta descriptions, images, HTML headings, responses and more.

It is an invaluable tool for web developers, SEOs, digital marketers, and content strategists. The platform is user-friendly and can help in quick and extensive website crawling.

Screaming Flog can be help businesses assess their websites to measure its performance, analyze it, or to identify critical issues on web pages such as broken links, duplicate content, or missing meta data, which can then be used to make improvements and boost a website’s performance.

The website tool offers a variety of functions including the ability to customize the crawling process, export reports in a variety of formats, and integrate with external applications such as Google Analytics and Moz Rank Tracker.

The tool is recommendable for SEOs and online marketers who need a simple way to audit websites. It helps to quickly identify problems such as broken links, duplicate content, or missing meta data, which can then be used to make improvements and boost a website’s performance. By making website auditing available in a simple and convenient way, Screaming Frog helps to give online businesses a competitive edge.

11. HTTrack:
Are you looking for a free web crawling application to download entire web pages onto your PC? Look no further than HTTrack! Not only is this application incredibly flexible, but it also allows users to store and view all website media, from texts to photos, even when they’re offline (not connected to the internet). You can easily Download HTTrack and begin to use it.

12. Scrapy
Scrapy Web scraper
Scrapy is an open-source web crawling library that allows programmers to create spiders by themselves for free and extract data from the web in a faster and more efficient way. The library provides the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable and versatile library to automate web crawling.

Scrapy program is written in Python, bears a Python-based open-source library and pre-structured with an organized data extracting system and Application Programming Interface (API) that makes writing, running, and debugging crawlers quite easy. This library works like a charm in all popular operating systems - Windows, Linux, and macOS.

In addition, Scrapy’s framework is highly flexible and easy to customize, hence, programmers can customize it to their heart’s content and use it to crawl any website based on what they want to achieve. This makes Scrapy a good choice for professionals who want to conduct massive web crawling operations in a hassle-free way.

13. Mozenda
Mozenda is a web scraper that helps organizations extract data from the web quickly and easily. The scraper can pull data from different sources, including webpages, APIs, databases, and CSV files. It enables users to scrape data from multiple webpages, store and export the data in various formats, such as Excel, HTML, XML, and CSV.

The platform's interface simplifies the process of selecting data elements from each webpage, allowing businesses to build efficient web-scraping pipelines in an easy manner.

Mozender also provides intelligent form-filling capabilities, which enable users to fill forms automatically, thereby eliminating the need to enter data manually. Other features on the Mozenda platform are data protection and security features, such as IP spoofing, user authentication, and encryption.

Mozenda is an ideal crawler for many purposes, from collecting online comments for sentiment analysis, to monitoring pricing within competitor websites, to scraping contact information for lead generation, data enrichment, web-scraping management and data extraction.

Mozenda features and pricing makes it one of the best web-crawler/scraper for organizations carrying data analysis either for business analysis or general research purposes.

14. Import.io
If you’re looking for a powerful web crawling tool with advanced features, Import.io is worth considering. It offers a range of features designed to make data collection easier for those without coding skills. This includes custom reports, geolocation, CAPTCHA resolution and more. It even offers daily or monthly reports depending on your needs.

The service begins with a free trial, then payment begins after about 2 weeks. Overall, it’s worth considering Import.io if you’re looking for a powerful web crawling tool with advanced features. It has the capability to collect exactly the kind of data you’re looking for.

15. UiPath
Uipath is an AI-powered business automation platform. UiPath’s robotic process automation software is an invaluable tool that can be used to tackle many different tasks. Its array of features includes a visual workflow designer that makes it easy to create complex workflows for business processes.

The robotic process automation software (RPA) such that is provided by UiPath is a software technology that enables users to build, deploy and manage robot technology that can interact with digital systems and emulate human behaviors in online task performance.

These software robots can carry out jobs similar to humans such as understanding what is shown on a screen, entering relevant commands, navigating software systems, collecting and analyzing data, and executing areas of predetermined activities. But unlike humans, these robots accomplish the same tasks quicker and more reliably without needing to take a pause or take a coffee break.

UiPath's visual interface through these robot software lets user map out the automation process, step-by-step, which makes it easier to understand which tasks are being completed in what order. Additionally, UiPath’s automation software is extremely user-friendly, allowing businesses at all levels of technical proficiency to easily utilize its features for their growths.

UiPath also allows for greater scalability than its competitors, making it the perfect solution for organizations of varying sizes. With its wide array of functions, UiPath can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of businesses ranging from small sole proprietorships to large-scale corporations.

Thanks to UiPath’s software, businesses around the world are able to more efficiently automate complex tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources. With UiPath’s automation capabilities, businesses have the potential to improve their overall efficiency and increase their bottom line.

16. WebHarvy
Benefiting from the latest technologies, WebHarvy makes extracting data from web pages blazing fast! This web crawler not only supports extracting HTML, photos, text and URLs but also allows full access to any website even if it’s blocked. With its straightforward interface, you don’t need to be a coding specialist to use this program – anyone who is willing to can easily access and download the desired data.

The great news is that WebHarvy plans accommodate the needs of any user. There is a Single License Plan for just $99, and the Unlimited Users plan is available for $499. With WebHarvy, you also have a possibility to connect to the censored webpages via proxy services or a VPN. All of that makes WebHarvy an amazing time-saving tool for any kind of data-related business.

17. Webz.io
As a business or researcher, you likely know how arduous data collection can be. With the sheer expanse of the internet, manually searching through various webpages and domains can be an impossible (and often time-consuming) task. Thankfully, Webz.io has come to the rescue with its innovative content crawling technology!

Webz.io allows users to quickly and easily extract and organize data from the internet into a format that can easily be consumed by machines. Not only does this simplify and speed up the data collection process, it also ensures that the data is of the highest quality and accuracy. Additionally, Webz.io offers both a free and premium plan, which can be tailored to a user's specific requirements.

The free plan allows users to make up to 1000 requests. For those who have more demanding requirements, Webz.io also offers a premium plan; however, it's recommended that users consult with the experienced sales team before upgrading. With the sleek user interface and helpful user support, Webz.io really sets itself apart from the competition in terms of quality and convenience.

Whether you’re a business or researcher, Webz.io’s innovative content crawling technology is an essential tool that can help you quickly and effectively process large amounts of data and get the job done.

18. OutWit Hub
OutWit Hub is the perfect resource for those who need to quickly and efficiently extract data from webpages, blogs, and other internet sources without needing to write any code. It's great if you don't have programming skills but still need to make web crawls and data extractions.

OutWit Hub offers both a free and pro version of the platform, giving users the flexibility to pick the plan that best suits their needs and budget. The pro version, which costs $59.90 a month, provides users with additional features and functionalities.

OutWit Hub is a great tool to have in your arsenal when it comes time to extract data from the web due to its simple but effective interface. Not only is it useful for extracting straightforward text and straight-forward data, but it can also be used to capture more complex items such as images, links, and more.

However, there is one major downside to consider — as OutWit Hub is a powerful tool, it is susceptible to being identified and blocked by antibots. Despite this, OutWit Hub still remains one of the most effective platforms for web crawling and data extraction from various online sources.

19. Zyte for Data Extraction:
Do you need an affordable and reliable data extraction program? Look no further than Zyte! A cloud-based program, Zyte leverages APIs to extract data quickly and easily.

With features such as smart proxy management, headless browser support, and residential proxies, it is the best program for data extraction. The cost of the program starts as low as $29 per month, and the great news is that they offer a 14-day free trial so you can test out the program before committing to it. Additionally, users can even receive a 10% discount on yearly plans.

Using Zyte to extract data is relatively simple. All you need to do is connect your web scraping tasks to your own set of proxies, and then launch scraping tasks with the provided configuration. The program will extract data from the targeted websites and then present it to you in an organized format. This way, you can use the data to create a competitive advantage for your business or to achieve other goals.

20. Dexi.io
At Dexi.io, you can easily set up web crawlers with our browser-based editor to help you collect data from e-commerce websites. It's simple to use and reliable – with a few clicks, you'll be able to start collecting the data you need in no time! Plus, if you don't plan on needing the data for an extended period of time, you can take advantage of our 14-day free trial before deciding if our premium solutions are right for you!

When you're ready to export the data, it's simple and fast; you can download your data as either CSV or JSON files or save it on cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Box.net. And with our premium solutions starting at just $119 per month, it's never been easier to gather the data you need with Dexi.io.

Get started today and let us help you make your web crawling process swift and easy!

21. ParseHub:
ParseHub Crawler
ParseHub offers a unique web crawling program that can scrape dynamic web pages. Through the help of machine learning, their website crawler can recognize the toughest online sites and generate output files with the correct data formats.

The platform supports all platforms such Windows, Linux, and Mac Mac. It is one of the best web scrapers for data collection.

In conclusion, there are many web crawlers out there which can help your business growth and benefit your website SEO. They can be searching engine bots, web scrapers and somehow on-demand crawlers like the SEO bots which we will deliberate on our next article.

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