Simple Steps to Connect Your YouTube Channel to Your Facebook Page

How to connect Facebook to Youtube

Linking YouTube Channel to Your Facebook page is one of the best methods to increase your video content views. It will enable your Facebook page followers and visitors to easily navigate through your page to your YouTube Channel where they can watch your videos and possibly subscribe to your channel thereby boosting your video content engagement.

Many Facebook users make the mistake of adding the link to their YouTube channels to their pages through the social media linking functions, but it would only show error messages. The simplest way to link your page to your YouTube Channel is by creating a button on your page profile that can automatically take anyone who clicks on it to your channel.

While the aforementioned is to boost viewers navigation, you can as well link your channel to your Facebook such that any video you post on your YouTube channel would automatically be shared to your Facebook page as well. However, we will focus on the viewers perspective while also providing information on how you can easily post on both YouTube and Facebook page at the same time.

How to Link Your YouTube Channel to Your Facebook Page

Creating a button on your Facebook Page that directs page visitors to Your Channel

1. Connect your device (mobile phone or PC) to the internet.

2. Click on the Facebook app on your device.

3. On your personal account homepage, click on the hamburger menu icon by the top right of your personal account to reach where you can see your page.

4. Click on pages.

5. Select the page that your want to link to your YouTube Channel by clicking on "Switch now". Facebook will switch from your personal account to your page account home page.

6. Click on the profile icon by the top center of your page. This is take you to your page profile.

7. Click on the three dots by the right of your page profile. Then you'll see another menu, choose "Edit button" which is the second option.

8. From "Edit button", scroll down to "Watch now". Click on it to access where you can write your YouTube Channel link

9. Hold the dialogue box and paste the link to your YouTube channel. If you have not gotten the link, minimize your screen and go to YouTube. Copy the link to your channel and paste on the "Watch now" button dialogue box.

10. Save your edit.

11. After saving, return back to the previous menu and click on "View as". This is where you will see how your page appears to visitors.

Under the profile image of your page, you should see "Watch now" button. Once your Facebook page visitors click on that button, it's going to take them to your YouTube channel.

Once you have completed these steps, your YouTube channel will be connected to your Facebook page. Any page visitor that clicks on the "Watch now" button would be directed to your YouTube channel.

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