OpenAI's ChatGPT Creators Face Multiple Lawsuits for Legal Violations

Multiple lawsuits against OpenAI over copyright and privacy violations

ChatGPT's mother company, OpenAI, is facing multiple lawsuits for copyright and privacy violations. The company has been accused of using copyright materials including books and online resources to train its artificial intelligence systems without legal permissions.

Reports claim that the OpenAI uses copyright materials to train its AI models including DALL-E and ChatGPT as well as collecting people's information from the internet without consent which violates privacy laws.

The most prominent of such court case was filed last week in San Francisco Federal Court, United States which two authors accuse the OpenAI for using their intellectual properties without permission.

In the lawsuit titled "Tremblay v. OpenAI Inc (N.D. Cal., No. 3:23-cv-03223, complaint filed 6/28/23), the two authors claim that the company use their books which focus on Sci-Fi and horrors to train ChatGPT. Other claims is that ChatGPT also uses books from Sci-Hub and Library Genesis without permissions which violates Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Another lawsuit PM vs. OpenAI LP accuses OpenAI is secretly collecting data from users and using it for its AI training without legal processes such as privacy and consent notifications.

There are several other court cases raised against OpenAI, especially pertaining to ChatGPT which poses concern over the safety of using the product in case of privacy policy.

Besides the safety concern over the use of AI tools, ChatGPT creator, OpenAI, stand to lose a lot for this case. It might be able to win the lawsuit, clear public doubts and maintain its reputation in the AI market. Otherwise, the lawsuit will have immense implications on OpenAI.

Even if no one goes to jail for these legal violations, it will result in organizations and countries regulating OpenAI ChatGPT, and the reputation of the company will be at stake as companies will have to rethink before sharing their data or using OpenAI products.

First Published: July 5, 2023 by Knowledge Trend Media
Edited: September 16, 2023

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