Simple Tips to Boost Your Online Video Content and Increase Its Engagement

tips to boost online video content

Video content is an effective tool to keep your online audience engaged on the internet and Social Media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vime, TikTok, Bigo, among others. Besides functioning as a business advertisement strategy, one can create videos just to entertain, educate or inform others, as a profession or hobby.

Some online Media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok exhibit the primary roles of hosting videos and paying video creators based on the number of views and engagement they attract. This is why having audience engagement is a major focus in any online content creation and digital marketing strategy.

How Boost Your Online Video Content and Increase Viewers Engagement

1. Publish short engaging videos instead of long ones:

The internet is rich with a variety of content hence audience may not have the patience to listen to you to the end. It is much better to make your video short and engaging over a prolonged and boring clip.

If your video must be long, it should be an educative content or other content like movies. Even though it is movies, it is advisable that you break it into parts or series.

Marketing researches show that 30 seconds long in-post videos have the best engagement on the internet. The longest your campaign videos should be is 60 seconds.

For other Social media media videos, 1 minute to 5 minutes are recommended. Any video that exit this range besides a movie will have reduced number of audience as time elapses.

2. Employ captions and Subtitles to Your Videos:

It helps in clarity and understanding thereby increasing video engagement. Captions also covers up in cases where viewers cannot understand your accent.

Captioning your video is the best way to reach different audience at the same time. This is because you can use different language audio in your video while providing the caption in another language.

3. Use Social Media Live Videos to Boost Your Engagement:

Facebook live

Some social media platforms like Facebook provide viewers with tools to capture live events and hold live video programs.

Social media live is a great way to go when it comes to having viewers engagement and active followers. This is because once you go live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bigo or any social media platform, your followers often would receive alerts by default and would probably want to see what you are up to.

4. Include a call-to-action (CTA) in Your Videos:

Your audience may not know what to do next after watching your video if there is no clear statement that inform them on what to do next. CTA is one of the most important considerations in any digital marketing campaigns and one of the strategic requirements in online content sharing to increase engagement.

A call-to-action helps to viewers to take action after watching a video or reading a copy or listening to the audio. If you want your audience to follow you or like your page or content, say it out.

You can use words like "share this video with your friends on social media if you like it", "Leave us your comment below", or "Follow our page to see more.

5. Use analytic tools to track your Content's Performance:

By looking at the statistics offered by analytics, you'll be able to either adjust your next presentation or maintain the trend based on the lead result.

Analytical tools are available for free across different social media and online publishing platforms both for text and video content. All you need is to understand how it works and how to access it on your current platform.

6. Work on your audio:

You probably want to pass information through your video. Ensure that your voice is clear and the language is fluent. Your voice can affect how viewers credit your content.

Let your voice correspond with the purpose of your content. Does your content converse exciting information, sadness, advertisement, or neutrality? Let your intonation, pitching and volume flow in accordance with your message.

7. Choose the right music:

Background music matters so much your video content. It is not compulsory but it can be necessary in some videos. Meanwhile, it is better not to add music to your video background instead of adding music that does not flow with your content.

If you are using the video to advertise your product, making the music convey similar information is great. However, if you are conveying a message, say motivational, a cool sensational music is the best option.

8. Use high quality video:

Poor quality videos do not look appealing to viewers. Some watchers may not look at your video to the end due to poor quality. In contrast, high resolution videos are likely to catch audience attention and keep them engagement even if they need to want to watch the video to the end.

Note that while using high resolution video, it should not be such that will affect its optimization. The ideal video dimension for online videos is 1280 x 720 pixels. This size is known as high definition (HD). This resolution provides the best balance between quality and file size and is compatible with most devices and streaming platforms including any social media.

The good news is that many devices nowadays including mobile phones provide camera adjustment functions to help in quality video creation. Make use of whatever gadget you have. you do not need to spend money in buying video creation kits to accomplish this goal.

9. Go for Ads and online campaigns:

Online Ads and campaigns

Manually sharing your contents indiscriminately can lead to your video contents and future posts being labeled as a spam by the social media and search engine algorithms. Once your content is identified as spam, it will have less organic distribution and views.

There best way to reach more audience where organic methods does not work is to employ online campaigns and advertisements. You can reach a large number of target audience and specifically reach those who will have interest in your content. If you find it difficult to do this, contact ads expert here.

10. Keep Adjusting:

Whatever content you share on social media requires strategic approaches such as planning and adjustment. If your analytics does not offer the results you need, make some changes to your videos to see what happen next. You can change the title, captions and tags. This can help increase your organic or campaign objectives.

11. Optimize Your Captions, Tags and Other tools:

Using the right title, descriptions, captions, and tags for your video is one of the best means to boost your online video content and increase viewers engagement.

Although it depends on the platform you are sharing your content, but the fact is that what gives your video an edge is how you caption it.

You cannot create a cooking video and caption it for football. Such reverse psychological marketing strategy can work on platforms like Twitter. For instance, when you use trending hashtags, more viewers might see your content. The disadvantage is that in most cases, such audience are not faithful ones. It is therefore advisable to use relevant captions and hashtags in your video.

Tag signs in the forms @knowledgetrendmedia and #knowledgetrendmedia are very popular. However, hash tag (#) does not work on some social media and microblogging platforms like Reddit. What works on such platforms can be a combination of a reverse slash plus a hash symbol (\#) or other other tagging techniques like the use of labels.

12. Understand the Concept of SEO:

SEO mean search engine optimization. It is a marketing term used to refer to the probability of the search engines or internet bots to index and rank your content on the search results for internet users.

While SEO employ several strategies, each strategy depends on the nature of the content. For instance, search engine bots does not recognize the content of a video content as it does in texts and articles. Therefore, for your video to rank high on search engines, factors that matter most are the captions, titles, descriptions, alternate texts (if any), video quality, and the page on which the video is hosted.

These and a collective of other factors help the search engine to know the relevance of the video to the search queries and increases its appearance thereby boosting its organic engagement.

13. Choose the Right Platform to Publish Your Video:

tips to increase video engagement

One of the things most marketers and social media users fail to understand is that every online platform has what it is primarily good at.

Some social media channels are best for publishing texts, some for pictures while others are for videos. There is no need wasting your content on a platform that is not relevant to your content niche.

Taking a comedy video to LinkedIn is not a good choice because LinkedIn is a social media for professionals and related content like jobs and professional development. Ensure you know the primary objectives of your current social media and learn how to optimize it for your content boost.

Video content creation is the best way to reach online customers as more and more people are becoming addicted to videos over reading. Unlike years back when the internet was slow and accessing online videos was stressful, as more smart devices continue to emerge, it is projected that in the near future, video is going to be the oil of content creation. However, for you to actualize your business objective, it is good to employ different marketing techniques and strategies as listed in this article for your video to make it there.

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