How to Identify and Avoid Malicious Apps that Steal Facebook Login Data on Your Phone

Tips to identify malicious apps

Facebook Identifies Malicious Apps that Steal Users Data
Millions of social media users lose their accounts to hackers each year. You can easily identify how you compromised an account information to a hacker. However, in some cases, it is hard to figure out how the hackers got the Facebook login data despite the user doing the best to keep it confidential.

The truth is that hackers can always have their ways if a user does not have enough information about cyber security. Hackers can steal internet users data through different means, one of which is the use of malicious Apps.

Malicious Apps that Steal Users Login Information According to a Report by Meta
Meta Platforms Inc. which is Facebook's mother company said it has identified about 400 apps that hackers use to steal Facebook users' log-in information across the internet.

The malicious apps were present on popular app stores such as Google Play, Apple, and Alphabet stores. Facebook said it has reported the apps to Google, Apple (iOS), and other related companies. Meanwhile, users need to be aware of the development and how to escape such attacks and secure their security information from malicious applications.

Google was apple to identify and remove the malicious Android apps even before Facebook notified them, however, Apple said it has been able to remove 45 of the Meta identified apps.

How Malicious Apps Steal Facebook Users Information
Facebook said that most of the malicious Apps that steal users' vital information mimic businesses, VPN Services, utilities, games, photo editors, or any popular app categories.

After users download the apps from the stores, the malicious Apps require that users log in with Facebook thereby requesting their user names and passwords. Once the information is stolen, hackers then gain access to users' social media accounts.

How to Identify and Prevent Malicious Apps that Steal Login Data

To avoid attacks from malicious apps, Meta warns that users should not use any app that requires their Facebook security information or apps that are not reputable. This includes apps that require social media credentials for login.

For instance, it should be suspicious when a photo editing app requires Facebook login and password before one can use it. Also, avoid apps that make promises for downloaders such as those coming with coin gifts, money offers, or too much attractive designs, and functionalities that can only be given when users login with Facebook.

What to to if you feel you have downloaded Malicious Apps

If you feel you have downloaded malicious apps by mistake, it is recommended that you

1. Delete any suspicious apps from your device and clean the APK.

2. Change your Facebook password immediately and ensure your new password is strong and unique. Facebook warns that you avoid reused passwords.

3. Apply two-factor authentication using authenticator apps for double security.

4. Turn on your Facebook login alerts so that you can get notification whenever someone tries to login to your account.

Learn how to secure your Facebook account from hackers and all security threats.

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